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Club Ohio Takes Tennessee Cup by Storm

In spite of the many weather delays, the Tennessee Cup did a phenomenal job getting tournament games scheduled, rescheduled and re-rescheduled at times, going so far as to rent another complex to keep the competition going. Clu...

September Schedule for Goalkeeper Training

The schedule for goalkeeper training has been set for September on the following dates, 3rd, 9th, 18th, and 25th...

Club Ohio Kick of the Dust Friendlies

On August 17th, Club Ohio gathered eight teams at two venues in Cincinnati to kick off the dust before the season began....


Aug 14,2014 | 

Strength Training for Teens

 - As the world of sports continues to focus on power and strength, higher expectations are being placed on young athletes. As a parent you may be questioning if your teen is too young to be worried about strength training. There ...

Jul 09,2014 | 

The Ride Home

 - One of the saddest things I had to do as a Director of Coaching for numerous soccer clubs was conduct exit interviews, meetings with players whom had decided to leave the club. Children quit sports for a litany of reasons, and ...

Jun 24,2014 | 

Looking for players in Cincinnati and Dublin

 - Some Club Ohio teams still have some spots available.

Field Status

03:47 PM | 08/27/14

Darree Fields Park -

03:47 PM | 08/27/14

Avery Park -

03:47 PM | 08/27/14

Earlington Park - Pre-season