Helpful Application Hints

  • For clubs applying with multiple teams, please make sure to shorten your team name so the entire team name may be viewed when schedules appear.  Otherwise, two team names may not show completely and cause confusion. For example, if Club Ohio has Club Ohio Green 1 and Club Ohio Green 2 in the same age group the number may get cut off and show two Club Ohio Green teams.  A better solution would be to shorten the team names and label them Club Ohio G1 and Club Ohio G2.
  • Please select the desired level of play.  Ultimately our goal is to place your team in a division where the competition seems most appropriate.  We'll determine this based on your team's past performance in our tournaments and other Got Soccer tournaments.  We will also look at the team record you provide from your league.  Additionally, we will also consider your request for the level of play. Please note that requesting a level is just one factor in your placement and does not guarantee placement at that level. 
  • Please include all team resume information to the best of your ability.  Our tournament committee feels it is critical to have the ability to look at the competition each team has played against in league and tournament play in order for us to properly place your team and ensure a competitive tournament for all teams.
  • Teams from elite local clubs with no information given on the application will NEVER be placed in the lowest bracket unless resume indicates otherwise!
  • If you have a coach coaching more than one team, please email the Tournament Director, and include the following information: (1) the name of your coach; (2) the name of any other teams he/she is coaching; and (3) the age groups of all involved teams.  We'll do our best to help avoid scheduling conflicts and this works best for coaches with two teams.  For coaches with three teams, it will be more challenging and we suggest you have a backup coach.  If a coach has more than three teams, we will not be able to help them avoid scheduling conflicts.

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Fall Kickoff Tournament Logo


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