Our teams are comprised of players from all Dayton communities. Our U11-U16 teams draw from all areas, and for our U7-U10 teams, we have two convenient locations that our teams are based out of so that you can play closer to home, Huber Heights (HH) and Bellbrook (BB). We have the following teams in each location in case you are curious about a specific team and you will see that reflected on the U7-U10 schedules.

  • Bellbrook (BB): ManUtd (2013), Tottenham (2013), Horan (2013), Arsenal (2014), Lavelle (2014)
  • Huber Heights (HH): - ManCity (2013), Chelsea (2014)

U7-U10 Boys

U7-U10 Girls

U11-U16 Boys

U11-U16 Girls

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Dayton Info

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