Club Ohio U15 Fall Program for Trapped Players

What is a Trapped Player?

Many of the U15 players may be playing for their High School in Fall Season and return to their club team in November. So what can U15 players going into 8th grade do, they are trapped, right? For these players, Club Ohio will create a Fall Team Program while their teammates play high school soccer.

Players will train locally. Depending on roster numbers, your local group may combine with other Club Ohio locations and participate in two tournaments. After the Fall Season, trapped players will join their teammates on their regular U15 teams.

What is included in the U15 Fall Team program?

  • Training twice per week from August to November with local coaching staff
  • Two tournaments coached by Chris Lynch 2008 Elite Coach 
  • Uniform t-shirt with assigned number*

Pricing is listed separately for each location in their fees.

* Your Fall U15 t-shirt number may differ from your regular kit. Since the Fall U15 team may be combined with players from different locations, we need to ensure your t-shirts is unique. It will serve as tops for the Fall Team kit while the rest of your regular kit will be worn.

How do U15 Trapped Players tryout?

U15 players will tryout as they regularly do. However, they can notify the coach that they will be an 8th grader in the Fall and would like to join the U15 Fall Team program.

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Dayton Info

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