Why Choose Club Ohio Dayton?


The Club Ohio Dayton program aims to be a destination club where players of all ages and all playing backgrounds will find a team that will provide them with a great development environment. We have established a 3 tier structure within our club.

The first tier are the local sites, where players play in the Juniors Academy and on 7v7 teams. Players play with their neighborhood and school friends and the travel is limited. 

The second tier are our North and South programs, where we combine some of the local sites. The North and South program starts at the 9v9 age groups. As the teams need bigger numbers combining with another local site creates the opportunity to start with Club Ohio Dayton and create a competitive team. The travel will increase a little but is still fairly local.

The third and top tier is our Elite program. Starting at the 11v11 age groups we create 1 Elite team where we combine the best players from the North and South programs. At these ages we also keep our North and South program, which allows us to create teams for players of different levels and with different playing experiences.

Why Club Ohio Dayton

Club Ohio Dayton provides players with a great development environment. We feel our club is the best option for any player for the following reasons:

  • Club Ohio Dayton is a destination Club. We offer players from all levels and backgrounds the opportunity to play
  • Club Ohio Dayton operates as a club where teams and coaches work together, we are not just a collection of teams who happen to wear the same uniform
  • Club Ohio Dayton uses proven programming to assure individual player and team development
  • Club Ohio Dayton's main focus is provide the best training in the area
  • Club Ohio Dayton provides professional coaches and club trainers (7v7)
  • Club Ohio Dayton has a full time Director of Coaching Steve Dawson who is working with the coaches to provide the best possible development environment
  • Club Ohio Dayton fosters a style of play that focuses on using skills and tactical concepts, setting up players to truly develop  
  • Club Ohio Dayton charges a single fee that covers everything (except uniforms and personal travel expenses)
  • Club Ohio Dayton works closely with other Club Ohio locations (East, Dublin, Marietta,) creates extra training and playing opportunities, as Club Ohio organizes events where all locations come together

What is included in the program?

All our teams have training sessions, play in leagues and tournaments. The number of each depends a little on the age and program.

In the additional programming you will find the following acronyms:

  • VEO - Video Analysis
  • Trace - Video player development tool

As a club we understand some players want to play other sports in the "off season" and others are only focussed on Soccer. We want to cater to both, which is why we offer additional programs for which players can register individually in the off seasons. This way players who want to do more training can do this, while players who want to explore other activities are also able to. This upcoming season we look to offer the following programs:

  • Summer Camps
  • Winter Training
  • Futsal

Dayton Info

Dayton Info

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