Custom Stadium Blankets

Custom Stadium Blankets

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A picture containing photoDescription automatically generatedOver the last 22 years, Club Ohio has put on many soccer tournaments, and as part of those events, we have sold t-shirts. As often happens, we ended up with a few boxes of unsold shirts. What to do? Eventually, a couple of people came up with the idea to make blankets out of them. So, one of our parent volunteers took the lead on finding a company with whom we could partner. That organization is Deaf Initiatives, and they make Keepsake T-shirt Blankets.


When Deaf Initiatives started their non-profit in 1998, they had one goal: to provide meaningful employment to a community that experiences high rates of unemployment. True to their mission, nearly every one of their employees is deaf or hard of hearing. One of their greatest sources of pride is not the 10,000 plus custom t-shirt blankets they have made over the years, but the more than 115 deaf employees that have joined them along the way.


Furthermore, in their business of making blankets day after day, they tend to find themselves with plenty of leftover material. Instead of discarding that fabric to a landfill, they save it they have enough to turn that excess fabric into warm blankets, scarves, mittens, and hats that they give away at the local homeless shelters. Since starting the project 4 years ago, they have made and donated over 1,500 items.


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Club Ohio Soccer is excited to partner with Deaf Initiatives by donating nearly 40 boxes and bags of t-shirts so that they may make blankets and have enough scraps to create items for those in need. Right now, blankets are available to club members, in limited quantities, to purchase online. Get them as a Christmas present, a stadium blanket for the big game, a sideline blanket when watching a Club Ohio match, or for the nostalgia of tournaments past in which your child has played. They are unique to our club through the Keepsake T-shirts website. Order now before they are gone.